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At St Joseph’s we love, learn and live by the example of Jesus Christ

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At St Joseph’s we love, learn and live by the example of Jesus Christ

Religious Education

Religious Education (RE) is at the centre of all work at St Joseph’s. We believe that RE is the foundation of the curriculum. The beliefs and values it communicates, inspires and unifies all aspects of our school life and enables the children to experience faith in action.


At the heart of our Religious Education curriculum is the Curriculum Directory. We follow this closely ensuring full coverage for 3-5 year olds, 5-7 year olds and 7-11 year olds. “The promotion of the human person is the goal of the Catholic school.” (The Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales 2012).


We use the Come and See to deliver RE within our school.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church address the search for meaning in life.  God's initiative in Revelation who comes to meet us and our response of faith. (cf. CCC26)  This pattern guides the structure of the programme and informs the process of each topic, opened up through; Explore, Reveal and Respond.


Other Faiths

As we live in such a diverse society which is ever changing, we believe that it is important to set aside time to learn about other Faiths.


Celebration of the Word

Worship is an essential and constant feature of the school. Celebrations occur regularly according to the liturgical seasons and special feasts. They involve staff, children, clergy and parents and are carried out in ways suited to the children and their particular stages of development. The classroom environments promote prayer and reflection by including a prayer focus with current liturgical icons, artefacts and symbols. 

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