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At St Joseph’s we love, learn and live by the example of Jesus Christ

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At St Joseph’s we love, learn and live by the example of Jesus Christ

Online Safety

At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Online Safety is an important part of keeping our children safe. We work to ensure all of our pupils know how to be safe and responsible users online, whilst being aware of the risks associated with the internet, both in and out of school. 


Online Safety is defined as educating people about the benefits, risks and responsibilities of using the internet. Online Safety is:

  • Safeguarding children in the digital world
  • Not about restricting children, but educating them
  • Supporting children and young people to develop safer online behaviours both in and out of school.
  • Being educated ourselves to be able to support and help our children


At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, we promote and teach Online Safety in the following ways:

  •  Acceptable Use Policy for Staff, Governors, Pupils and Parents
  •  Online Safety lessons for all pupils in all year groups.
  •  Online Safety Training for Staff, Pupils, Parents and Governors.
  •  Online Safety assemblies for Pupils
  •  Targeted Online Safety workshops for year groups
  •  Celebrate Safer Internet Day
  •  Internet Filtering on the school system
  •  ICT Rules & Social Networking Rules
  •  Teach the Online Safety Hand for sharing personal information


We can only be successful in keeping children safe online if we work with Parents to ensure the Online Safety message is consistent.


Please find below our School Acceptable Use and Online Safety Policy and some information to support Online Safety at home including the use of Social Media sites.