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At St Joseph’s we love, learn and live by the example of Jesus Christ

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At St Joseph’s we love, learn and live by the example of Jesus Christ

Our Curriculum

Curriculum Intent


As a Catholic School we aim to help each child through their primary education years to grow in love and service of God and each other, to develop a deeper commitment to the Catholic faith and Christian living to ensure we live out our school mission statement: 

 ‘At St Joseph’s we love, learn and live by the example of Jesus Christ’ 


As a school we are committed to establishing a life-long love of learning, enabling our children to take their place confidently within a rapidly changing world. We believe learning should be memorable, hands on and challenging. We motivate and inspire pupils through high quality and creative teaching and learning which is innovative and uses technology effectively. All members of the school community, including pupils, staff, governors, parents and the parish recognise that they hold a stake in St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School and they understand the need to regularly review our practice to ensure we achieve our goals.


 Our Curriculum will ensure all pupils: 

  • Become fluent and confident readers and to develop an appreciation and love of Reading whilst gaining knowledge across the curriculum. 

  • Use excellent basic skills across the curriculum in reading, writing and mathematics. 

  • Develop a sense of morality, respect and community underpinned by British Values. 

  • Establish a range of key learning skills including creative thinking, independent questioning, perseverance and teamwork

  • Are excited by the curriculum and want to learn. 

  • Retain key knowledge in all curriculum areas. 

  • Become independent, resilient and divergent learners so they are ready for secondary school (and beyond). 

  • Are challenged and make progress across all areas of the curriculum.

  • Have a broad and lasting knowledge of subject specific vocabulary

  • Take responsibility for their own actions. Provide them with the knowledge that they have choices and learn to evaluate the consequences of the choices they make.

  • Have a strong sense of community and a responsibility for the wider world and environment.

  • Have a wide range of life experiences that enhance their learning and cultural capital (including trips and extra-curricular activities).