Welcome to St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
At St Joseph's we love, learn and live by the example of Jesus Christ

Vision Statement

  • We aim to ensure that pupils leave St Joseph’s having identified skills, talents and intelligence, and with a sense of their own uniqueness.
  • We encourage all children to foster high aspirations and encourage positive self esteem, enabling them to leave our school secure in the knowledge that the world is at their feet.
  • We are committed to enabling our children to be confident, autonomous learners by developing a range of key learning skills including resilience, independence, perseverance and teamwork.
  • We motivate and inspire pupils through high quality and creative teaching and learning which is innovative and uses the most up to date methods and technology. The use of ICT to enhance teaching and learning is a particular strength of our school.
  • At St Joseph’s we teach pupils to take responsibility for their own actions; children learn that they have choices and learn to evaluate the consequences of the choices they make.
  • All members of the school community, including pupils, staff, governors, parents and parish recognise that they hold a stake in St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School; we are committed to establishing a life-long love of learning, enabling our children to take their place confidently within a rapidly changing world.
  • At St Joseph's we are all Leaders of our Learning

‘At St Joseph’s we love, learn and live by the example of Jesus Christ’