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Saints Girls Football Tournament - Monday 27th November 2017


Well done to:

Erin, Emmeline, Maddison, Kittie-Mai, Kelsey (6W) and and Haley (6B)

Saints Cross Country Competition 23rd November 2017

Well done to:

Emilia (5P), Kealan, Yashan, Maya, Alessandro (5GP), Joseph, Aoife, Simon, Ryan, Michael, Shannon, Molly-May, Carolina (6B), Grace and Braden (6W)


Saints Boys Football Tournament 20th November 2017

Well done to: Ben, Patrick, Thomas, Victor, Desmond, Anthony, Matthew and Jarell





Well done to: Aidan, Kirthi, Zofia, Taylor, Stephen & Charlie (2S)

Tadiwanashe, Jack W, Luana, Liam, Patrick & Ciaran (2J)




Well done to: Tom, Rocco, Finn, Philip, Cailin, Natalie, Cordelia & Stanley (4D)

Zahir, Michael, Thomas, Ethan, Braden, Jude, Daisy & Isobel (4T)



Well done to:

Tom, Ryan, Michael, Dylan, Alessandro, Delilah-Rose, Mara, Vienna & Kushi (Year 5)                     

Patrick, Matthew, Jaden, Desmond, Ben, Michael, Thomas, Erin, Hannah, Bruna &

Aaliya (Year 6)







Wednesday 24th May 2017




Gaelic Football Tournament at the Hive 


Friday 19th May


 Tri Golf Tournament - Bushey Golf Club

Tuesday 16th May


Sky Sports Living - A Wonderful win for Year 4!



On Thursday, 20th April Year 4 set off on a wonderful trip to our local Harrow Leisure Centre. It was a short, exciting walk for both classes.  We were all very excited when we saw the variety of activities waiting for us in the big, blue hall. Surprised, we sat down on the floor staring at the magnificent champions.  They told us that to win we had to use the 6 Keys to Success – communication, confidence, creativity, planning, resilience and team work. 

There were 10 other schools enjoying themselves in lots of different sports activities.  At the end, Year 4 were full of joy for they had won and received a beautiful silver cup.

By Emilia and Nadia

 Cross Country Wednesday 8th March 2017

A group of pupils from Year 5 and 6 took part in the Harrow Schools Cross Country Challenge at Rodger Bannister’s Sports Ground in Hatch End.  Well done to all involved in the very muddy conditions! A special well done to Josh in Year 6 for coming third in the Year 6 boys cross country race.



Gymnastics Saints competition 1st March 2017












Well done to: Team 1 – Aoife, Maya, Savanna-Rose, Victoria, Bruna & Neeve

                     Team 2 – Erin, Shannon, Grace, Kelsey, Amelia & Abbie


Swimming Gala - 28th February 2017


Well done to: April, Finnoula, Alessandro, Annie, Ethan I, Katherine, Michael K,

Maya, Conor, Finlay, Olivia, Ben, Victoria, Jude, Jarrell, Erin, Patrick and Neeve.


London Youth Qualifiers (Boys) - 23rd February 2017




Well done to: Lahiru, Tisian, Leon, Conor, Luke, Ethan, Malachi, Luis and Aaron





Girls Football Tournament - 23rd February 2017



 Well done to: Nia, Sinead, Matilda, Charlotte, Emma, Emer and Alicia






Year 2 Multisports Afternoon - 7th February 2017 








 Well done to:       Oliwier, Dominic, Chiemezue, Alicia, Evie and Charlotte



















St Joseph’s    5 – 0    Krishna Avanti

Well done to: Malachi, Conor R, Luke, Aaron, Ethan, Lewis, Tisian, Tomasz, Kamil & Leon


Watford Penalty Shoot Out 14th January 2017





Dance Competition 24th November 2016



 Girls Football 22nd November 2016






Tag Rugby Tournament 17th November 2016












Boys Football Tournament 10th November 2016 




Cross Country 3rd November 2016




On Thursday 3rd November children from Years 5 and 6 got chosen to represent their school for cross country at St. Bernadette's park.  They were all very excited for the event to happen.  The year 5 girls were the first group to compete.  As soon as the whistle blew, you could hear the crowd going wild shouting St. Joseph's! St Joseph's! Aaliyah in 5GP was the first St. Joseph girl to cross the finish line.  She came eighth.

Meanwhile, the year 5 boys were next.  It was very nerve racking for some of them but none of them gave up.  Patrick in 5P was the first St Joseph boy to finish, followed by Thomas who's also in 5P.                                                       

Patrick came 5th and Thomas came in 7th. The Year 6 girls ran next and they ran really well.

But if that's not impressive enough for any of you, check out this.  Josh in Year 6 came 1st in the whole competition!  He achieved a gold medal and walked out happily.

That's it for me so have a good day.

Written by Jaden (5GP)



Year 6 Boys Football Tournament 2nd November 2016


 On Wednesday 2nd November at 2pm eleven excited year 6 boys left St Joseph's to go to Cedars for an 8 a side football tournament.  Our first match was against St Brnadette's. It was a tense close game because both sides were evenly matched.   It ended in a 0-0 draw.  Our second match was against St Teresa's A team wich proved to be a real challenge because they were physically stronger and dominated the majority of the game.  The final score was 2-1 to St Teresa'. We were lucky that we didn't concede more goals!

We saved our best performance of the day for our final match against St Teresa's B team which we controlled from start to finish and ended up 3-0 winners.  We finished the tournament worthy runners up and it was a great team effort. 

Well done to all the boys.

Well done to Marlachi for getting player of the tournament.

 Gaelic Football 20th October 2016




Cross Country 19th October 2016





















Well done to Kelsy, Emmeline, Emer, Kittie-Mai, Victoria, Anthony, Ben, Braden, Thomas, Patrick & Jarell (4D) who were runners up in the tournament.

Well done to Mia, Shannon, Amelia, Matthew, Benny, Molly-May, Bruna, Victor, Jaden, Joseph & Lily (4M) who came 3rd.










Well done to Year 1: James, Jennifer, Isabelle, Daniel D & Ciara D Year 2: Michael, Daisy, Jude, Cailin & Stanley

 Sports Leaders: Piper, Amy B, Ellie C & Olivia K









“On Wednesday, 11th May a number of children from Year 4, along with Mrs Dundon, Mrs Louis and Mr Butler, visited the marvellous scene of the famous London Aquatics Centre next to Queens Elizabeth’s Park.As we arrived at school at 7.30am! we clambered onto the large, decorated coach.  Everyone was full of excitement.  It was a very long and tiring, but entertaining, journey and when we finally arrived we were all exhilarated. It was an outstanding sight and a building to behold.  Quickly, we walked into the Aquatics Centre and we were amazed at the talent of the synchronized swimmers.  Flabbergasted, we sat and gazed. Surprisingly, we were able to become famous by getting on the huge action screen (look out for us!).  Shocked and surprised, we stood up and had a moment of pride! Nervously, we watched the intense competition wishing and praying for GB to come first.  Unfortunately, they came 8th. After that, we were lucky enough to take a trip to the joyous park.  It was so amusing because they had tyre swings and many other interesting pieces of equipment.  Then we went to watch the diving and we were very fortunate as GB came 4th out of 25. The next minute we were on the coach worn out, but nevertheless it was an amazing experience!”

By Patrick and Ben (4D)



Well done to Emmeline, Patrick, Anthony, Elizabeth, Harish, Ioana, Michael and Caroline and a special thank you to our Sports Leaders for being fantastic umpires – Josh, Kyle, Thomas and Malachi.


Year 4 Tag Rugby League Tournament – Thursday, 17th March 2016 at The Hive


Well done to: 4D – Ben R, Patrick K, Bowie, Jarell, Victoria, Thomas, Anthony, Hannah and Emer and to 4M – Tate, Lily, Bruna, Jaden, Joseph, Karuniya, Victor and Michael.

Class 4D won the whole tournament!

Dance Showcase at Harrow Arts Centre on Wednesday, 16th March 2016



Well done to:  Nicole 6B, Marika 6B, Kelsey 4D, Kushi 3P, Elizabeth 4D, Olivia 3P, Erin 4D, Alexia 4D, Juliana-Mya 6B, Elena 5OS, Grace 4D, Ioana 4M, Yve-Chante 6B, Finnbarr 6G, Alysha 6G, Jaden 4M and Andria 3P.


Cross Country at Roger Bannister Sports Centre – 9th March 2016


Well done to: Ama 5OS, Isabella 5GP, Alicia 5OS, Elena 5OS who came 5th overall in their race) and to Josh 5OS, Lewis 5OS, Ethan 5GP, Leon 5GP (who came 2nd overall in their race), Juliana-Mya 6B, Olivia I 6G, Seyi 6B, Amy 6B, Asia 6G, Keela 6G, (who came 1st overall in their race) and Sean6B, Flynn 6G, John 6G, Cian 6B and Conor 6B (who came 8th overall in their race).

Girls 7-a- side Football Competition at The Hive – 3rd March 2016

Well done to the girls who came 3rd in their group:  Evie, Olivia, Amy, Emer, Sorcha, Anna and Seyi.

Football League at Belmont School – 1st March 2016

Well done to:- Flynn, Sean, Aiden, Conor, John, Nathaniel, Martin, Tyler, Dylan and Dillon.

The results were:-    2-0     -   Lost to Whitchurch

                                2-2     -   Drew with St John’s

                                3-0    -   Won against Belmont

                                4-2    -   Lost to Alyward             


Football 6-a-side Competition at The Hive – 3rd March 2016

Well done to the boys who came 3rd in their group:- Callum, Flynn, Sean, Aiden, Conor, John, Nathaniel, Martin, Tyler, Dylan and Dillon.

Harrow Gymnastics Competition – Wednesday, 3rdFebruary 2016 

“On Wednesday, 3rd February some girls and boys from Years 4 & 5 went to a Gymnastics Competition in Harrow.  Mrs Dundon and Mr Graham came with us and also 2 girls from Sacred Heart Language College who had taught us the routine for the last 4 weeks.  Juliana-Mya,  Sienna and Seyi from Year 6 also helped.  When we arrived we went to take some photographs.

We went off to the changing rooms and saw lots of other schools including St Bernadette’s and 

St Teresa’s.  We stretched on the bouncy and soft floor and then we all performed separately.  We had a five minute break and then it was time for the results.

Alicia in Year 5 came 1st overall in the whole competition and received a medal and certificate.  Group B came 4th and Group A came 6th.  Well done to Alicia, Elena, Neeve, Shannon, Kelsey, Amelia, Abbie, Matthew, Jaden, Grace, Victoria and Erin.”

By Alicia & Elena (5OS)



Hockey Tournament at Harrow School – Tuesday, 2nd February 2016


“On Tuesday, 2nd February seven children from Years 5GP and 5OS went to an amazing Hockey Tournament which took place at Harrow School, Harrow on the Hill.

We left school at 9.30am and everyone was bubbling with excitement!  It was a fun car journey but, once we arrived at Harrow School, the sight of it took all our breaths away – it was huge.  We were shown to the courts where lots of schools were practising for the big tournament. 

Mr Graham and Miss Conlon came along with us to help and support us. We laid our stuff down on the floor and got out our hockey sticks to start practising.  We did some passing around until someone rang a bell which meant that we would be starting shortly.

There were four a side – two girls and two boys and also two substitutes.  The remaining people would be an umpire and a coach.  The umpire would count the score and the coach would urge the team on.

Finally, it was time for our first match and the players were Evie, Charlotte, Luke and Malachi.  In the second half, Conor and Oliwier went on and then Aaron and Kyle.  We did pretty well and finished 3rd out of 5 which was really good!  We all had a great day and had so much fun! 

Thank you to Mrs Dundon and all the other teachers who made this happen.  Also well done to Aaron, Kyle, Conor, Luke, Oliwier, Malachi, Evie and Charlotte.”

By Aaron and Conor 5OS


Boys Football Tournament at the Hive - 4th December 2015


Well done to: Conor, Dylan, John, Dillon, Callum, Flynn and Rory (Year 6).

Year 4 Saracens Tag Rugby Festival - 25th November 2015


Well done to Team 1 (winners): Jarell, Maddison, Anthony, Victoria, Thomas, Patrick, Emer & Ben.

Well done also to Team 2: Karuniya, Michael, Bruna, Joseph, Matthew, Ryan, Olivia and Lily.

25 teams took part and all the children played excellent rugby.  Team 1 reached the final and beat St Bernadette’s, winning the Year 4 Festival.  Congratulations and well done!

“As we entered the gates which led to the muddy field, we laid our bags on the cold concrete.  We saw other teams warming up, although we were early.  Eager to start, we saw our first opponents.  Unexpectedly, we were called for our first match.

Getting into our positions, we were caught off guard as they scored an early try.  In response, Patrick scored a try to make the scores level again.  Coming off the bench, Thomas put us in the lead by scoring a FANTASTIC TRY.  After that, Victoria paced everybody and scored another AMAZING try.  Denying our opponents, Maddison whipped someone’s tag away from their tag, so we got the ball.  Maddison passed the ball to Jarell who passed it to Patrick.  Patrick was TERRIFIC and scored our winning try.  The game was over and we won 4-1.

 For our other games, we won: 5-1 and drew 1-1.  After all our teamwork they announced who got into the quarter finals.  Cheering happily, they announced that all our hard work had paid off and we got into the quarter finals.  We were as happy as winning a million pounds in the Lottery.

 We then went on to win our quarter final and got into the semi-finals.  It was unbelievable!  They blew the horn to start the final game and we won by 4-1.  We were then up against

St Bernadette’s in the final.  After a long time it was still 2-2 so we got extra time.  Next, our team scored so we WON!!!!!

 We were screaming and shouting and we received medals and certificates.”  

By Victoria, Thomas, Maddison and Jarell


Saints' Girls' Tournament at Goals, Alperton 18th November 2015











Well done to:Team 1: Emer, Anna,  Amy, Evie and Olivia  and  Team 2: Kelsey, Emmeline, Grace, Kittie-Mai, Lilly, Ama and Emma.      


Tag Rugby Tournament - 12 November 2015


On Thursday, 12th November a couple of people from Years 5 & 6 went to St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School to compete in a Tag Rugby tournament against other schools. We arrived at the school and we saw of the other teams.  They looked fierce, but we were very confident.  The games started off very quickly so we had to be separated into two teams and then it was off!

Both our teams were playing at the same time, so Mr Graham had one team and Mrs O’Sullivan had the other.   Team A won mostly all their games but Team B were sadly losing.  However, they were getting ready to fight back.

The next couple of games were hard as all the schools were extremely competitive and talented.  All our games were played very well but we got really muddy at the end.  After all our games, we found out Team A had got through to the Cup and we were very proud!  Team B then got into the Shield.  Unfortunately, there was a muddle up with the games so we were unable to compete for the Cup but we were able to compete for the Shields.  Will we win it?

Luckily, it all worked out and we played in a final for the Shield and we enjoyed the game very much.  It was a competitive game, even though we only won by a few points.  We won the game and we were very happy as we represented the school and won which made it even better.  As we won the game and had great sportsmanship, we shook hands.  We all had a wonderful day and what made it better was us winning!” 


Gaelic Tournament - 22nd October 2015


“The 22nd of October was the day certain boys and girls from Years 5 & 6 represented St Joseph’s at the Tir Chonail Gaels Gaelic Football Schools Tournament – it really was a most enjoyable and successful day. 

We arrived at the tournament excited and laughing but determined to do well for our school.  We were conscious that the tournament was non-competitive; however we were still enthusiastic and eager to win.  We were split into two teams – Yr 5 and Yr 6.  Both teams won their first match easily which we continued in the second match which we also won by a fair amount.  Despite our confidence leading on from the first and second match, the third match was not so easy and we lost marginally.  Not long after, we played our fourth match, winning it by the skin of our teeth before losing our fifth but winning our final match comfortably.  Both teams had the same results overall which we were all very proud of.

To summarise, we were all extremely happy with our day and ‘well done’ to everyone who participated.  Also, a huge thank you to Mrs Dundon and Mrs McLuskey for coming along and making this day possible for our school!”

By Cian and Sean (6B)

Rugby World Cup 2015


To celebrate the Rugby World Cup 2015 we held a Rugby World Cup day on Tuesday 6th October. To get into the theme the children came to school in their teams colours or Rugby Kits. During the day the children learnt about the history of Rugby and the World Cup, took part in rugby workshops lead by The Saracens and learnt a Haka dance. Please take a look at our St Joseph's Haka dance which was performed to the parents at the end of the school day. 


Sports Day 2nd July 2015



Tennis Tournament Friday 1st May 2015



Dance Showcase 18th March 2015


Year 6 Hockey Tournament 10th March 2015


Year 6 Football Team 5th March2015


The Dundon dream team!!!!

On Thursday 5th of March 2015, St Joseph’s boy’s football team defeated all other primary schools in Harrow to become crowned the best footballing school in the Borough in Harrow. Thanks to Mrs Dundon, our year six boys will be taking part in the hugely anticipated London Youth Games.

This is a fabulous achievement as the footballers in St Joseph’s history to EVER be crowned Champions of Harrow along with progressing to the previously mentioned London Youth Games.

The team included Calum Walsh in goal, who kept us in the final, Niall Bakry; the captain for the day, held the defence together alongside Liam Duncan and Shay Dunne; Darragh Griffin along with Daniel Rossiter pulled the strings in midfield, making vital challenges and keeping the defence protected. Harry Grey and Luke Keane played extremely well dancing past many defenders and whipping some unbelievably inviting crosses for Kenny Walsh and Conor Moran to get on the receiving end of.

We played an astonishing hour and a half of football that wore all of the team and didn’t add to our cause in the major final. Even though they were getting tired, Calum Walsh and his team of defenders kept many goal-hungry strikers at bay conceding only two goals in the entire tournament.

Even though many people were watching the final, our spectacular players kept their nerve and weren’t dazed by the situation. The team of youngsters never gave up and kept fighting until the final whistle blew. We thanked St George’s for making the final such a great event which dazzled the wonderful spectators who cheered us on until the end. Once again we thank Mrs Dundon for providing us with the wonderful opportunity to showcase our skills and represent Harrow Borough in the London Youth Games.


St Joseph's Netball Team 4th March 2015


Gymnastics Festival 28th January 2015

Wednesday 28th January 2015 Years 3, 4 and 5 did a Gymnastics competition. Two weeks ago the PE teacher picked a couple of people from each class to go to this competition. Two weeks ago Friday 16th January we had some Sacred Heart girls come in and taught us an amazing routine. There were 12 of us that were chosen to do this competition as we go to gymnastics either out of school or in school.

It took us about 15 minutes to get to harrow school of gymnastics and when we arrived we were very nervous. We meet a kind lady called Mrs Calderwood And she told us to make our way upstairs so we could get ready to go downstairs to get ready.

When we were all ready we meat Annie one of the girls how had taught us the gym routine. She gathered us together so we could all warm up and be ready for the competition. After we were all warmed up the competition was ready to start…

After that the competition started we all sat very quietly so we could all sit and watch each other to show our appreciation. The competition flew through and we were nearly at the end. Every competitor was very good and even if they forgot the routine they still had a big smile on their face as it’s not all about winning its about taking part so we gave them a clap at the end as they did well but they just forgot the routine.

Soon later they started the Presentation we were all so nervous, but also so excited… “St Joseph’s School comes 2nd!!”  We were all so proud of ourselves, but we were still nervous for the individual competition.

Dance Festival at St Bernadette's Primary School 27th November 2014


Girls Football Success 19th November 2014

 On Wednesday we went on a trip to a football centre to play three other schools which were St John Fisher, St Teresa’s and St Anselm’s where we had a really fun time!!

First we were separated into 2 groups called A and B .Then we met our opponents and referees which were girls in year 10 and 11 from Sacred Heart. After we were told we were going to play St John Fisher this was the A match but we were scared because we were told they were a very strong football team. Next we were told we were on pitch 4 so we made our way over and got warmed up by passing to our coach. Soon after we started our first match, this was a very tough game because they were very good. We tried our hardest and worked our strongest but all our hard work paid off because the end score was 2-2.

After that we took a two minute break for a drink and then we found out that we were playing St Anselm’s and we were playing on pitch number 7. So we made our way over to pitch number 7 and then we started warming up for a minute while our opponents and the referee got ready. When the other team arrived we started our match. It was a very tough game and we tried our best but unfortunately we did not win. The end score was 3-2 to St Anselm’s. Then we went to get some water and to find out who we were playing and we were playing St. Teresa’s.

Next we made our way towards pitch 4 again to play St Teresa’s we were very nervous because we had played them before and they were very very good. Then the referees came onto the pitch so we could start our game. It was a tough match we played our best and tried our hardest but it was a very hard match because they were excellent. Overall all our hard work paid off because the end score was 13-1.

Finally we all came together to find out the scores. We were all so nervous but exited at the same time. Then the Sacred Heart Head of P.E announced that St Joseph’s B team had come in 4th place we weren’t disappointed because it’s all about taking part. Then she said everyone’s places until she came to the A team and we came … FIRST!! We were all so proud because we had worked so hard and all our work had paid off!!  

 Year 1 Sports Festival 27th October 2014

On Thursday the 27th of October we travelled to Harrow leisure centre to take part in the year 1 sports festival. We were one of six schools that took part from Harrow. We were able to participate in lots of different activities.  Our favourite was the obstacle course as we needed to crawl through a tunnel. We had lots of fun and we are looking forward to the next sports festival in spring.

Children who participated in the year 1 festival: Jude, Michael, Zahir, Thomas, Cathal, Dolly, Annie, Isobel and Calin

Tag Rugby Tournament 23rd October 2014

On Thursday 23rd October, Years 5 and 6 went to Harrow Rugby Club for a tag rugby tournament. Everyone got into three teams of seven and we all started to play our matches. All of us played really well in the whole tournament!

The games were really fun, yet intense and we all enjoyed pulling colourful tags off each other! We continued on to the quarter and semi-finals, but only one team got through. They were after beaten by St Bernadette’s in the semi-final. Overall, we came 3rd!

At the end we all got a lovely certificate and a wristband for doing so well!