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  • Vacancies

    14th March


    Class Teacher for KS2 Required for September 2018

    If interested please see the vacancies tab under "our school".








  • Westminster Cathedral Carol Service

    12th December

    Westminster Cathedral Carol Service


    On Tuesday the 12th of December 2017, the Mini Vinnies, Chaplains and Caritas Ambassadors visited the Westminster Cathedral to celebrate the birth of Jesus through a carol service. We all set off on the coach excited to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas together.

    When we arrived in Westminster, we settled in before the service began. All of a sudden the angel Gabriel came out and greeted us. He told us the story of the nativity and, at an important stage in the story, we would sing a carol.

    There were farm animals called Larry the donkey and a sheep. While we were having fun we all had to remember why we celebrate such a major celebration like Christmas. Cardinal Vincent Nichols was there and, in his concluding speech, he stressed the importance of what we can’t always see. We all bought gifts in aid of the Catholic Children’s Society and knew we came back to school knowing that we had done a good deed.

    We had an amazing time and enjoyed celebrating the birth of Jesus - Christmas.  We also met Cardinal Vincent afterwards and were privileged to have our photo taken with him.

    By Elizabeth and Emmeline (Class 6W)


  • Road Safety Visit

    13th November

    Road Safety Visit



    We had a visit from a Road Safety Officer from Harrow Council reminding the children how to be road safety aware at all times.


  • Operation Christmas Child

    13th November

    Operation Christmas Child

    A big THANK YOU to everyone who took part in our annual Operation Christmas Child shoebox appeal.

    We collected 168 boxes.

    Thank you again!


  • Pantomime

    10th November


    The whole school was treated to a Pantomime, ‘The Reluctant Dragon’, kindly paid for by our Friends Association.  Thank you very much!


  • Chaplains' Enrolement

    09th November

    On Thursday 9th November, we had a Whole School Mass and, during it, Father Paul gave all the student chaplains a special blessing to initiate the children into chaplaincy.

    At the start of the Mass we were given a sheet of paper which had our responses and the special prayer on it.

    After the Homily, Father Paul called us up and gave us the special blessing and a Student Chaplain sash to wear when we are present in our meetings. During the special blessing, we had to read our responses and our prayer out loud.

    This special blessing gives us the courage to spread the Word of God and share our inner thoughts and feelings with other students. We will now be leading assemblies at school to share what has happened during the previous Sunday’s Mass and helping to teach the students how to strengthen their faith.

    By Patrick and Erin (6W)


  • Father Frank Visit

    18th October

    Father Frank Visit



    On 18th October, Father Frank visited Year 5 to teach us about the Eucharist being ‘The Source and Summit of Christian Life’. It was a very interesting and exciting talk. He taught us how the Eucharist has progressed throughout history. He informed us that the source and summit of the Christian church is the Eucharist (the Body and Blood of Christ). As well as that, he told us about modern mass, the reformation, Vatican II and the Christian faith during the middle ages.

    He also told us about how Sunday masses used to be in Latin so nobody got a chance to participate, but now it is in English, so all of us can participate and there were also private and weekly masses!                                                                                           

    By Annie (5GP)


  • Ambulance Visit

    17th October

    Ambulance Visit

    On Tuesday, our school had a visit from a Paramedic, Chris Roberts (a former pupil of

    St Joseph’s) and everyone enjoyed learning about the role of a Paramedic and the Ambulance Service. 


  • Cafod Visit

    13th October

    Cafod Visit

    On Friday 13th of October 2017 we all had a special day where we supported the needy country El Salvador who are living in deep poverty .

    So on Friday we wore bright clothes to support CAFOD  because wearing bright clothes reminds us to help build a brighter world free from poverty..

    We brought in 50p altogether as a school and we raised £278. We also brought in non-perishable goods to support our local charities.

    By Shannon 5GP


  • Willows Farm

    06th June

    Willows Farm


  • Film Awards 2017

    05th June

    Film Awards 2017

    On Monday 5th June 2017, we showcased the winners of the annual St Joseph’s Film Awards. Thank you to everyone who took part. I am sure it gave you all many hours of entertainment creating the film clips! Well Done to Alyssia, Samuel, Zofia, Evie, Daisy, Matyas, Kelsey, Grace and Finn. The winning films go forward to compete against those from other schools across Harrow. We wish the Best of Luck to all the winners for the Harrow Film Awards.  Miss Edwards


  • Rainforest Cafe Trip

    25th April

    Rainforest Cafe Trip

    Year 5 visited the Rainforest Cafe



  • Hampton Court Visit

    24th April

    Hampton Court Visit






    Year 4 visited Hampton Court on Monday 24th April 2017


  • Sky Sports Living - A wonderful win for Year 4

    20th April

    Sky Sports Living - A wonderful win for Year 4

    Sky Sports Living - A wonderful win for Year 4!

    On Thursday, 20th April Year 4 set off on a wonderful trip to our local Harrow Leisure Centre. It was a short, exciting walk for both classes.  We were all very excited when we saw the variety of activities waiting for us in the big, blue hall. Surprised, we sat down on the floor staring at the magnificent champions.  They told us that to win we had to use the 6 Keys to Success – communication, confidence, creativity, planning, resilience and team work.  There were 10 other schools enjoying themselves in lots of different sports activities.  At the end, Year 4 were full of joy for they had won and received a beautiful silver cup.

    By Emilia and Nadia


  • Year 2 visited Windsor Castle

    20th April

    Year 2 visited Windsor Castle


    Year 2 Visited Windsor Castle


  • Wow Badge Winners

    31st March

    Wow Badge Winners

    Finally, a big well done to the following children who were our WOW Badge Winners for the Spring Term:-  Cordelia (3P), Ella (3W), Kushi (4V), Jake (4D), Anthony (5P), Benny (5GP), Tomasz (6W) and Giulia (6B).


  • Ducklings

    30th March


    Our Ducklings learning to swim


  • Stations of The Cross

    30th March

    Stations of The Cross


    5GP led a special service taking us on a journey with Jesus through the Stations of the Cross



  • Harrow Choir Showcase & After School Street Dance Club

    16th March

    Harrow Choir Showcase & After School Street Dance Club



    We are very proud of the performances of two special groups of children.  Our Choir sang their hearts out at the Harrow Choir Showcase.  Well done to our Music Teacher, Miss Tompkins and

    Miss Rowan and to the children: Kushi, Zane, Olivia, Molly-May, Erica, Carolina, Lilly, Joseph, Amelia, Julia, Kyrah & Elizabeth.





    Next, it was the turn of our After School Street Dance Club to shine.  They performed wonderfully to a big audience at Hatch End High School in the Harrow Dance Showcase.  Well done to:- Olivia, Kelsey, Dorota, Elizabeth, Matthew, Alicia, Maya, Ella, Grace, Cyprian, Abbie, Jaden, Bobby, Shannon, Elena, Gabrielle, Nemith, Arianna, Caitlyn & Lily and to their Dance Teacher,Miss Ware-Lane and Mrs Dundon for all her support.



  • Science Museum Visit

    07th March

    Science Museum Visit



    On Tuesday the 7th of March we welcomed some visitors from the Science Museum. We were very lucky to receive funding from the Institute of Physics which made the whole day possible. Reception and Key Stage 1 had workshops around bubbles and materials. The children watched a play about the Three Little Pigs and the materials that they used to make their homes. Then the children learnt how to become bubble masters. They learnt how to waft bubbles and some lucky children even got to go inside a human bubble! Children in Key Stage 2 experienced the Feel the Force workshop where they learnt about forces and how they are used.