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Topic: The Learning Challenge Curriculum

The Learning Challenge Curriculum is a question based approach to structuring and delivering the New National Curriculum. The curriculum for foundation subjects is delivered through a range of questions that children use to begin to dive deeper into each topic. This gives the children ownership of their learning.  Learning Challenges are taught in a cross curricular way. This approach makes learning more meaningful for the children as they are able to see how everything fits together. Where cross curricular links are not meaningful, subjects are taught separately. The key drivers of the Learning Challenge approach are that it is planned around the distinctive needs of your children with enquiry based questions to promote curiosity.

The outcomes of the challenges should raise standards across teaching and learning. The curriculum is interesting for both teachers and children.

Years one to six teach foundation subjects through a question that is driven by either a Geography, History or Science National Curriculum objectives. The subject is then enhanced with Music, Art, D&T or dance, as appropriate. Children across KS2 are encouraged to use home research books to further enhance the school based learning.