Welcome to St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
At St Joseph's we love, learn and live by the example of Jesus Christ


PSHCE at St Joseph’s promotes moral, social and cultural development through helping children to acquire a critical appreciation of issues of right and wrong, justice, fairness, and rights and obligations in society. It helps them to develop an understanding of how society works and how decisions are made and they take part in community and social activities that help to promote personal and social skills. Members from each class, as voted for by their peers, form the School Council and contribute ideas towards the improvement plan for St Joseph’s.

Our school uses the LCP scheme which teaches pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead a confident, healthy, independent life and become informed, active, responsible citizens. As a school we promote a healthy lifestyle through various initiatives such as the walking to school campaign, road safety and healthy eating assemblies, JRSO leaders, bicycle training, scooter training, anti-bullying week and various productions and visits from outside agencies.

Opportunities to reflect on the spiritual, moral, social and cultural dimensions, and for all children to consider their own views and opinions about them, occur through many aspects of PSHCE , in particular, as children investigate and think about topical issues, problems and events and as they participate in activities in their school, neighbourhood and communities. We are also aware that our children have different emotional and psychological needs throughout their time with us and we endeavour to support them in every way we can. Parents and carers are encouraged to tell the school if any child is in need of additional support at any time.