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Mathematics is a tool for everyday life. It teaches children to make sense of the world around them through developing their ability to calculate, to reason and to solve problems. The New National Curriculum for Mathematics is followed at St. Joseph’s CatholicPrimary School.Maths is taught daily using the Abacus framework to ensure coverage and progression.

 The school uses Mathematics Passports to help children improve their mental arithmetic as it is recognised that the ability to calculate mentally is at the heart of all mathematics. Two to three mathematics lessons a week begin with a mental/oral starter and children work on their respective passport targets at school as well as at home. Most children achieve their “suitcase” in Foundation Stage which equips them with the tools to achieve subsequent passports as they work their way around the world from Europe, typically in Year 1, to Globetrotters or Lunar in Year 6.

 It is our aim to develop children with:

  •  A positive and confident attitude towards mathematics both as a subject as well as recognising the cross curricular links with other subjects.

  • Competence with numbers and the number system.

  • Enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning through practical activities, investigations and discussion.

  • Skills through the exploration of shape, position and movement, money, time, measure, data handling and problem solving in a range of contexts.

  • The use of mathematics as a tool for life to solve problems

  • An ability to communicate mathematical methods and strategies and to use mathematical language appropriately.

  • Lively, engaging and challenging mathematical lessons or activities with opportunities for children to use their initiative and to work both independently and cooperatively.

  • Children’s own knowledge and understanding of their learning including being able to recall prior learning and implement next steps.