Welcome to St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
At St Joseph's we love, learn and live by the example of Jesus Christ

 Week beginning Monday 3rd July 2017

This week children will be getting ready for their graduation ceremony. They are going to make their masks and hats while using one handed tools and writing tools.

Children will be looking at how to stay healthy while on holiday and the snacks they need to pack for the journey. Children will pack their bags for the holiday while looking at the weather of their destination.

Outdoor children will be traveling on water learning about objects sinking and floating. They are going to use positional language while travelling around obstacle courses.

 Week beginning Monday 26th June 2017
This week letters and sounds: g, o, c, k

This week we are focusing on our mathematical skills. The children will be looking at price tags while handing out the correct amount of coins to the shop keeper in our role-play shop area.

The children will be exploring and recognising the shapes of everyday objects in the nursery environment while using positional language.

Outdoor, the children will be separating three or four objects in different ways while beginning to understand that the total is still the same.

The children will explore the Chinese puzzles, tangrams. They are going to use various shapes to create an object or an animal.

This week letters and sounds are:  ck ,e, u, r


Week beginning Monday 19th June 2017
This week we are learning about people helping us on holiday, we are also looking at how to keep safe while on holiday.
Outdoor we are going to use our mathematical skills to pick the correct numbered fire distinguishers to put the fire out.  We are going to visit tourist attractions to which we are going to make a map. 
Week beginning Monday 12th June 2017

This week the children are still travelling the world around. They are going to use their fine manipulative skills and their five senses while making multi -cultural traditional food and tasting them.

Outdoor the children will race each other for the title of Sportsman of the World. They will use their problem solving skills while delivering vegetables in boxes. They will also use their mathematical skill as they will be matching numerals to quantity during the activity.

This week letters are: I, n, m, d

Week beginning Monday 5th June 2017
This week the children are going to travel the world around, visiting different countries. The children are going to use their fine manipulative skills to make their traditional dish, they are also going to explore various writing such as Chinese writing and Indian writing.
Outdoor, the children are going to learn about the precious water, they are going to have chopstick challenge and the are going to think critically when crossing ocean or a river through our obstacle course.
This week letters are: s/a/t/p

Week beginning 22nd May 2017

This week we are learning about our planet and other planets in the universe. We are going to be making our solar system with the children using various resources.  We are going to have monster maths challenge where we are going to be using our mathematical knowledge.

Outdoor, we are going to be moving like aliens through obstacle courses. We are also going to draw our shadows around while looking at similarities and differences. We will explore how planets bubble through our science experience.

This week letters and sounds: h, b, f/ff, l/ll, ss